The Day the Masks Went On

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Do you remember where you were on the day the masks went on (in connection with COVID 19)?

Either way, in this funny historical fiction, The Day the Masks Went On, young Detective Dillard offers a rare and intriguing opportunity to recapture laughable moments, bloopers, and glimpses of awe and wonder as many people across the globe were feverishly adding masks to our essential attire in March 2020. The story, which is told through the eyes of a child, will ring true for most and will hopefully entertain, as we poke a bit of fun at COVID 19 and record for current and future generations of children, some of the real life emotions and early experiences of the global pandemic that gripped the world, beginning in March 2020.

1 review for The Day the Masks Went On

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    “The Day the Masks Went On” is a charming and timely children’s book that creatively tackles the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in a way that is both relatable and reassuring for young readers. Written by Audrey & Kerron, this book takes children on a journey through the pandemic, focusing on themes of friendship, adaptability, and the importance of following safety guidelines.

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