The day the masks went on is a fun, engaging and relatable tale that introduces us to kid Detective Dillard and her four-legged partner, Rufus. With so many questions about a mysterious illness, Detective Dillard takes on the case and unlocks the answers to a true-life mystery. Can't wait to see them crack their next case!
Wendy Reid
"The Day the Masks Went On" is a charming and timely children's book that creatively tackles the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in a way that is both relatable and reassuring for young readers. Written by Audrey & Kerron, this book takes children on a journey through the pandemic, focusing on themes of friendship, adaptability, and the importance of following safety guidelines.
Rinnie Singh
Excellent Purchase! This book is completely captivating and fun to read. It is perfect for a gift too. I definitely recommend it for your kids at home and for schools. My daughter absolutely loves it!!
Alethia Peart