About the Authors

Audrey and Kerron Forbes are mother and daughter, respectively. They wrote this book for two reasons, first to raise funds to support a homelessness and food security program in their local community and second, to capture and preserve some the ‘candid camera’ experiences of the COVID 19 pandemic onset, all told though the eyes of a child.

This short historical fiction seeks to memorialize the day the masks went on, for current and future generations of children everywhere. 

Audrey Forbes

Audrey is first and foremost a unique representation of her creator. She is a reader, a thinker, a curious learner, and a community advocate. She loves learning and believes that what we don't know now we just don't know yet. She believes we all have a right to be here and we should each contribute to the common good. For as long as we are here, we belong here.

Kerron Forbes

Kerron is a Behavioural Support Nurse and a storyteller at the core. She is intuitive, intelligent, and empathetic, with a special love for children and senior citizens. She is most alive when she gets to support our senior population and attend to their unique behavioural needs, within her practice. She believes that seniors deserve patience, care, and respect during, what is for many, their second natural cycle of vulnerability and dependency. She values their varied contributions to society and considers it an honour to serve them. From a writing perspective, she has dozens of stories that we hope will one day make their way into the hands of readers like you.