The Day the Masks Went On

Do you remember where you were on the day the masks went on?

There’s a widely held view that hindsight is 20/20 and it certainly feels true most days. Even dangerous situations, in hindsight, can offer glimpses of comic replay, hilarious self-reflection, and head-scratching feelings of ‘what on earth were we thinking!’

Welcome to The Day the Masks Went On (co-authored by Kerron and Audrey Forbes), in which kid detective, Dillard, feels compelled to investigate a new article of clothing, the mask, that’s not only turning heads in her household but across the whole world! Her curiosity and passion are endearing and charmimg. 

Early reviews of this juvenile hisorical fiction tell us it is engaging and fun, and perfect for the middle-school audience.

A good read for a good cause

In addition to capturing and documenting this real but funny take on common experiences around the unfolding of the COVID 19 pandemic, The Day The Masks Went On also offers a unique value exchange. 100% of the royalties and profits generated from the sale of this book are being donated to the Doors of Compassion (an Ontario charity), to address the growing issue of homelessness and food insecurity.

We hope you will purchase a copy for each young reader you know and help them enjoy a good read while you contribute to a good cause. 

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